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When I was young I lived in my dreams
I felt a deep desire but didn’t know what it seems
mother said follow your heart be humble and try
My vision of my life was great tell it everybody proud without shy

Think and grow rich that’s the secret of my own live
trust me and love forever
belief and allowance the magic of my own live
trust me you feel it better

When I was in the middle of my life sometimes I felt depressed
everything around me turned about family and cash
where are my idols of my life what is true and good for me
I remember the words of mother follow your heart and see

Catch for the spirit     Jaia jaia hammama

Touch consciences   om om nam shanka

Bless all the goodness ja ja medina

Compassion for all beings om shiva haleluja

Now I live for conciseness to understand my way my live
emotions between sad, and happiness but I’m more of this be tight
have a smile in this creasy world open my heart for me and you
pleasure can be every time wish me love and wisdom for all what I do