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Data Protection

Note regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

This website does not use cookies (small files that are stored on visitors' computers), it does not contain any registration facilities and is free from analysis and so-called tracking programs. No personal information will be disclosed to third parties, such as Google. If, however, you visit our page with YouTube videos, your data will be transmittel to Google. Therefore we have placed a note on the page leading to these videos so that visitor can decide for themselves if the want to give 'their data to Google. 

Every time our website is accessed, an automated system on the server of the company that hosts this website records in a logfile the following:

This data collection is not influenced by us. It is the standard procedure on the internet. We do not analyze, analyze or forward this data to third parties. The IP address does not allow us to infer the person who visits our website. In general, IP addresses are not fixed, but are dynamically assigned daily by ISPs. However, law enforcement agencies can force Internet service providers to use IP address, date, and time to determine who was assigned their IP address at the time.

These auto-collected data will remain on the server for approximately four months and will be deleted as part of automatic garbage collection.

Rights of website visitors

Each affected person has the right under EU Regulation to know whether there personal data are being collected and how they are being processed. Upon request, a person may request deletion or correction of this data. As stated above, this website does not collect any personal information other than the IP address, which is traceable only to law enforcement agencies under strict conditions. If a person knows their used IP address at a certain date and time, they can apply for the deletion of their entry in the logfile by simply informing us.