Castle OF My Soul

a e f e g       a e f e g
Burning in the sunshine of your love
Burning in the sunshine of your love

After two years I meet you again
and an explosion of emotion splashes into my present life
I know I did never forget you

A- A7 A-
Waiting on a rainy day
E- E7 E-
for a wonder that gives me a surprise
I close my eyes and I dream I fly
E- E7 E-
through amazing aspects of my live
I’m breaking out of the fog of my mood
not afraid of the mysteries around me
and a magic formula whispered in my ears
yeah everything I love I can now see

I create my reality
what I believe I’m gonna be
you’re the castle of my soul
you make my heaven rock´n roll

Whishes I never knew before
rise up deep from my inner source
you touch me with your grace with your care
like a knight of love on a white flying horse
I try again I will trust you and I trust me
damned be the voices around full of jealousy
the one thing what can satisfy me is love for one eternity